Not really. But I did spend a good part of today inside the reactor building of a nuclear plant. Well, an almost-nuclear plant. The Satsop nuclear plant built by WPPSS (commonly referred to as “whoops”) was never finished, and now is finding some new life as an industrial park. Two cooling towers remain along with various other abandoned and largely stripped facilities. Here’s a quick look at the insides of a very expensive utility boondoggle…

Satsop nuclear plant reactor #3 interior

Satsop nuclear plant reactor #3 interior

Satsop nuclear plant cooling tower #3 interior

Satsop nuclear plant cooling tower #3 interior

Satsop nuclear plant emergency response

Satsop nuclear plant emergency response

4 responses to “Nuked!”

  1. S A Stevens says:

    Thanks, HoodPhoto. Probably not my favorite/best shots of the year, but definitely my favorite photographic field trip. Hope to get back there in the spring for more.

  2. HoodPhoto says:

    Wonderful shot for your best of 2010! I hope your 2011 is equally as creative!

    Hood Photo Blog

  3. S A Stevens says:

    Barbara – actually this is taken from 40 feet above ground level. This is the level at which there’s a heat exchange between pipes of hot water from the reactor and cold water from the river, producing all the steam that would have billowed from this tower, had the plant actually been used. Below this level are concrete pillars and a large concrete pool, where condensed steam/water would fall and be collected for re-use. I have a few more photos from this that I may share — watch this space!

  4. Barbara says:

    I never knew the cooling tower was standing on what looks to be steel rods and not concrete on ground…
    Why is that? Photos are way cool, if that term is right.

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