Scott Allan Stevens, NW Exposure photographer

Photography is not mechanical; it’s creative. I’d love to help you achieve your goals for creative images, whether it’s a product shot, a landscape, a unique home, a portrait, or anything else.

I have decades of experience and an array of photographic equipment, and I’m continually striving to learn more and better express what I see and what clients want to convey.

Commercial and real estate photography comprises most of my work, though I also shoot fine art and nature images as my own projects. And I’ll consider other types of work; talk to me! If I don’t think I’m the right photographer for the job, I’ll say so and try to recommend someone else.

I’ve been taking photos since well before I constructed my first oatmeal-box pinhole camera back in grade school. That start has led to photographing around the world, as well as more commercial work as a product and real estate photographer, among other things. I’m eager for the next adventure. And the one after that.

Scott Stevens