Dances with Tugs


If that title doesn’t give it away, today’s post is fraught with whimsy. In the past, I’ve worked on the technique of making ordinary life-sized images look like miniatures. Well, have a look at this:

Dances with Tugs part 1

Pretty convincing miniature, eh? Well, that’s because this is part of a miniature tugboat exhibit at the recent Harbor Days festival in Olympia, Washington. The actual tugboat races were way out on the waters of Budd Inlet; being stuck on land that day, I had to content myself with scenes like this.

Perhaps this little plastic fellow looks forlorn not because his creator failed to paint him an expression with more cheerful detail, but because he’s been romantically rebuffed by the lady on the next tug over. And don’t get all historical on me and say that Pocohantas never actually rode on a tugboat, ’cause here’s the proof:

Dances with Tugs part 2

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