Africa in Olympia

Images from a very cool show last weekend at the Olympia Ballroom in Washington’s capital city. Two kora (west African harp) players with different approaches: traditional music by Sean Gaskell and electronics-enhanced kora sounds by Kane Mathis. Rounding out the evening was a SeattlePortland-based rock/African group called Dusu Mali Band.

Dusu Mali Bandkora player Sean Gaskell kora player Sean Gaskell kora player Kane Mathiskora player Kane MathisDusu Mali BandDusu Mali BandDusu Mali Band

3 responses to “Africa in Olympia”

  1. Margi Kenny says:

    Absolutely stunning artwork. Thank you for sharing your work.

  2. nwx says:

    Whoops – sorry, I was geographically challenged when I wrote that. Fixed now. And I’m pretty sure everyone else had a great time having you in Olympia as well — thanks for visiting!

  3. Actually we’re from Portland, Oregon!

    Had a great time in Olympia and can’t wait to return!

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