You Never Miss the Water…

…til the well runs dry. Or that’s the old saying. In the maritime climate of Cascadia, you never miss the water because it’s hard to get away from the stuff. Rivers, lakes, ocean, Puget Sound, even little salmon-bearing streams. And of course, for nine months of the year that incessant drizzle that keeps everything so green.

Below, various watery shots taken recently. Look particularly closely at the leaf — a tiny fly is reclining on its edge, a fly so small I didn’t even see it when taking the photo (I was distracted by my desire to keep the boat from tipping).

Alder Leaf & Hitchhiker

Alder Leaf & Hitchhiker | ©2011 Scott Allan Stevens

Waterfront Home

Waterfront Home | ©2011 Scott Allan Stevens

Paddling Man

Padding Man | ©2011 Scott Allan Stevens

Perfect Paddling

Perfect Paddling | ©2011 Scott Allan Stevens

Beach at Sunrise

Beach at Sunrise | ©2011 Scott Allan Stevens

2 responses to “You Never Miss the Water…”

  1. nwexposure says:

    Thanks, Justin — and no, not the moon. That was taken from a kayak during the daytime, so it’s sunlight. But I can see how you would guess it was the moon, with the black water and all…

  2. Justin says:

    Wonderful photos, I especially like the leaf. Is that moon light reflecting underneath it?

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