Cool Cool Breeze


Local Cooling
It’s around 70 degrees with a light overcast as I write this. Yes, the Pacific Northwest has been something of a cool-weather haven during this summer of blistering heat elsewhere. There have been plenty of complaints locally about the cold, wet spring and early summer (many places hit their annual rainfall average by the end of June!).

Although my tomatoes show little sign that they’ll ripen soon, no complaints from me. The garden is producing other edibles, and most importantly the temperature is still great for photography without fear of the glass in your lenses melting.

A few days back, I had the pleasure of watching a shoot by another photographer. I always find this a great experience, because there’s so much to learn in watching other people work. I was able to ask her questions about equipment, locations, even her approach to interacting with subjects. All of which fueled my push to do more interesting portrait photography. So watch for that soon.

For today, however, I offer this portrait of a humble cooling device. I loved the light and the lines, framed by the cracking paint of the window. May it bring a fresh breeze to all of you still sweltering in 90+ degree weather this weekend.

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