Bridge to the Universe


Planet Tacoma bridge

Some time back I discovered the miniplanet. No, not poor demoted Pluto, but the technique of creating planets out of otherwise ordinary photographs.

This new miniplanet is of the 11th Avenue bridge in Tacoma, Washington. The bridge is closed to car traffic, which makes it convenient when one wishes to stand in on the yellow stripes to get a symmetrical photo.

Here’s the original photo:

Tacoma Bridge

If you’re interested in trying this yourself, you’ll need Photoshop or a similar photo editor and a little time. I’m still honing my technique for miniplanets, and you can find instructions online from a number of sources. A good place to start is the tuturial at photojojo. Note that the key is matching the edges of the photo (using cloning or a reveal mask) so the seam is less apparent. Enjoy experimenting, or if you need more inspiration check out some of my other miniplanets.

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2 Thoughts to “Bridge to the Universe”

  1. thielges

    Thanks for sharing your technique.

    Great photo. You’ve got my vote on photofriday !

  2. Thanks, Thielges!

    I took a moment to look at your pics, and I’m smitten by your galleries “unintended chaos” and “decay” — we should shoot together sometime!

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