Hood Canal vacation cabin
Hood Canal Vacation Cabin
Wupatki National Monument, Arizona
Exploring Arizona
Autumn Salal leaf
Autumn Salal Color
Mud Bay Mud Race Cleanup
Here’s Mud in Your, Well, Everything (mildly NSFW)
CCAR Alpaca face
Alpacas, Horses, and a Llama
Chance Encounter?
Chance Encounter?
Customer Pick Up
Customer Pick-Up
Bright Winter - ©Scott Allan Stevens
Bright Winter
Budd Inlet Infrared
Infrared Bay
A Pig Named Pig
Pig Penned
Autumn in Olympia
Tiny House - Olympia WA
Another Tiny House
Trapeeze artist at Erev Rav CD Release show
That Daring Young (Wo)man…
tea party - ©2012 Scott Allan Stevens, www.NWexposure.com
A Civilized Tea Party