Fire at the Lake

Olympia is a unique town in many ways; one is that the major fireworks display isn’t on July 4, but at the culmination of the annual carnival called Lakefair. Held on the shore of Capitol Lake (actually a dammed estuary, but that’s another story), the festival is the usual gathering of rides, kettle korn, and rock cover bands. And the fireworks — reflected in the shallow lake with the state capital dome in the background — are attended by thousands. Here’s a peek.

Lakefair Fireworks 2016-975

Lakefair Fireworks 2016-967

Lakefair Fireworks 2016-949

Lakefair Fireworks 2016-929

Lakefair Fireworks 2016-927

Lakefair Fireworks 2016-884

Lakefair Fireworks 2016-915

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