It’s a small world — macro photography week

I’ve been busy lately with paid work, which is great. But I found myself shooting less for fun recently, and that’s not great. All work and no play, well…you know how that ends up. So I decided on a personal variation of what a thousand blogs and Flickr groups do: I’ll shoot on a weekly them. A little work with pen, paper, and paper cutter, and I’ve got myself a sandwich bag crammed with more ideas than I could pursue in a year. And I’ll post the results here, weekly or so.

Theme Bag 1: Macro  (since it’s spring, largely garden macros…)

Macro Macro Photography ©2012 Scott Allan StevensOrange Petal Detail ©2012 Scott Allan StevensSunflower Emerging Detail ©2012 Scott Allan StevensFlower Stamen Detail ©2012 Scott Allan StevensIris Detail ©2012 Scott Allan StevensSeedling emerging ©2012 Scott Allan Stevens

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