Walk in the Woods

hanging ferns

Hanging Ferns (photo ©2011 Scott Allan Stevens)

Take the ambiguous title of this post in whichever way you like: a description of where I took these photos yesterday, or a command that you get outside and enjoy the subtle beauty of spring (or, for my southern readers, autumn). These woods happen to be along an abandoned road at Woodard Bay, just outside Olympia, Washington. Once an industrial site, it’s now home to diverse native plants and animals. Mostly plants on this visual journey: hanging ferns, detail of a fresh nettle leaf, emerging bracken fern fronds, mossy big-leaf maple branches backlit by the afternoon sun, and finally a hunting Great Blue Heron. Enjoy the walk.


Stinging Nettle Leaf

Stinging Nettle Leaf (©2011 Scott Allan Stevens)

Bracken Fern Emerging

Bracken Fern Emerging (©2011 Scott Allan Stevens)

Mossy Limbs

Mossy Limbs (©2011 Scott Allan Stevens)

Great Blue Heron Hunting

Great Blue Heron Hunting (©2011 Scott Allan Stevens)




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2 responses to “Walk in the Woods”

  1. nwx says:

    Thanks, Reinhard. It’s a strange and wonderful place…

  2. Reinhard says:

    I like your world …. amazing photos …

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