Aerial Photography

waterfront luxury

Are you trying to sell a uniquely located home that’s difficult to photograph in context? Consider if an aerial shot might work. I do aerial work, usually at the request of a real estate agent. Some of these homes have been on the waterfront, but the setting is difficult to show because of a steep bank. Other homes may have unique settings that are more easily seen from the air: I’ve shot homes to show proximity to the State Capitol building in Olympia, and to show a rural home’s location in relation to Mount Rainier. Aerial photos can help show such dramatic views or a stunning setting.

The cost depends on distance from the airport and the specifics of the desired photo. Aerial photos must be booked at least 24 hours in advance and are dependent on weather conditions. For more information, see my Services page.

One response to “Aerial Photography”

  1. Chris Avera says:

    This is a very impressive shot you’ve taken! With such a great photo, I am sure you could sell out immediately whatever real estate you wish to sell. =)

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