Morning Meditation

morning meditation

It’s always nice coming home from a journey — returning to the familiar sights, sounds, smells, foods, people. But travel changes how we look at all these things too, the experiences lingering just under the surface, ready to re-emerge as a memory or a comparison or an observation. Yesterday I showed some photos of my recent India journey to some family & friends, and found it amazing how many observations I had about the culture. Not just the facts of where I was and what I did, but how things are done there, and the depth and quality of the cultural differences.Travel changes me. Travel changes my thought, and my eyes, and the way I look at people. I expect it will continue to change and enhance the way I take photographs as well.This image is from my last morning in Delhi, walking around the ancient buildings dotting Lodi Garden. This building is a combined tomb and mosque, where people were both praying (Muslim) and doing morning yoga exercises (Hindu). With joggers running on nearby paths.

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