A 3-hour tour?

SS Catala - photo ¬©Scott Allan StevensNo, it’s not the wreck of the SS Minnow. This is a 1970 photo of the SS Catala, an equally ill-fated ship that, after a long life as a steamship, served as a floating hotel in Seattle, a floating restaurant in California, and finally again a floating hotel (“boatel”) near Ocean Shores, Washington. This was her last port of call, as a freak 1965 storm grounded her and the ship’s carcass was largely swallowed up by the sands. Recently some of her metal has been emerging from the sand along with — less romantically — some reamining oil. Scan from a recently rediscovered slide, retouched in Photoshop.

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  1. bert says:

    Great photo. Gotta love the feel of analog photographs.

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