Seeing Differently

I’ve shot photos most of my life. But it was mostly vacation snaps, or perhaps an assignment for a class, or family or friend shots. Only in the last couple of years have I gone looking for images. And the other day when I was waiting for a meeting in downtown Olympia, it struck me how much my vision has changed as a result.

Instead of cooling my heels in a cafe waiting, I strolled through alleys. The rain gave way to a wet sunshine, and the light was magical. I shot some buildings, some sky, some details. Then I looked down. At first, I saw only the puddle. In an instant, however, I saw that it was a doorway to another view, an upside-down planet where I saw buildings and sky through the old bricks beneath the thin veneer of pavement.

Yet another reason not to take me on walks, if you’re in a hurry to get someplace.

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